The Services

group of participants in an inpatient mental health program
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Psychological Services

We know what it’s like to be in crisis. Amend Wellness is a haven from the distress of mental illness, chronic stress, and all your troubles at home. Your stay begins with stabilization in our supportive, welcoming environment. Our clinicians will work with you to untangle complex emotions, disrupt dysregulated behavior patterns, taper or optimize existing medications, and prepare for the restorative experience that awaits you.

Accurate assessment is the cornerstone of quality care. Amend Wellness’ licensed staff conduct comprehensive evaluations in a low-stress interview format. We rely on tried-and-true measures that offer insight into your mental, physical, nutritional, hormonal, and emotional state. If needed, we can also involve loved ones and referring professionals, which will help us “connect the dots” and gain a complete picture of your situation. Our assessments help us swiftly identify needs. Together, we’ll set goals for what we’re going to heal while you’re in our care.

More than a wellness spa, Amend Wellness is a leading mental health wellness retreat with access to the latest technology-based therapies. Our clients benefit from mood and journaling apps, meditation tools, and other technologies that optimize and complement wellness treatment at Amend.  

The therapeutic practices used at Amend Wellness are derived from decades of peer-reviewed research. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) are all key cornerstones of our therapeutic approach.

Physician Services

Your physical health is inseparable from your mental well-being. Once you arrive at Amend Wellness, you will receive an in-depth assessment comparable to an annual physical. We will also conduct a comprehensive wellness panel that measures your cholesterol, blood sugar, metabolism, vitamin D, iron and other important vitamin levels, thyroid, complete blood count, and other crucial markers of health.

Vitamin infusions are administered through IVs, allowing nutrients to bypass the digestive system and immediately act upon the bloodstream. This approach facilitates 100% absorption of the vitamins and minerals needed for wellness, making this intervention ideal for those with chronic conditions that cause nutritional deficiencies. IV infusion therapy strengthens your immune system, boosts your mental health, quickly rehydrates your body, and encourages the growth of radiant hair, skin, and nails—among a host of other benefits.

Hormones are the body’s natural messengers. When they aren’t properly balanced, a cascade of negative outcomes occurs. Amend’s hormone testing services identify imbalances responsible for changes in stress levels, sleep cycles, sex drive, appetite, mood, and other key aspects of the human experience.
Food is the key to a healthy body and mind. What we eat determines how efficiently we can function, and these requirements differ from person to person. After a complete nutritional assessment, our team will determine what your body needs to operate optimally. We will also provide you with information about foods that have been associated with improved mood, reduced stress, and freedom from depression.
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yurt at a holistic mental health program

Spiritual Services

Our yurt is the heart and soul of Amend. Unwind in this round, tent-style structure, ensconced by the safety of its latticed walls and strong supports. Listen to the wind whisper through the trees and reflect on the changes you’re making on this mental health retreat. The yurt offers a versatile space for relaxation, spiritual contemplation, or small group activities for you and your companions.

Amend’s program is intimate by design. We accommodate a maximum of 24 guests, ensuring that you receive the individual attention required for a truly transformative experience. We encourage our clients to come together in group sessions where we deliver educational trainings, spiritual programs, and therapeutic services. Our clinicians work tirelessly to offer an array of programs tailored to the needs of current residents. You only attend sessions immediately relevant to your wellness goals.
Amend’s unique experiences equip you to transition back to your life, home, family, and career with newfound direction and control. Each adventure challenges your misconceptions about your self-worth and abilities. These outings vary by season; we invite you to contact us for more information.

Integrative Healing Retreat

Discover the power of holistic healing at Amend Wellness. Our one-of-a-kind program is designed to rejuvenate your physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being in a beautiful, nurturing environment that restores balance and harmony to your life. Getting out from under your current situation is the only step you need to take. We’ll guide you through the rest. Embrace the opportunity to change your life at Amend’s integrative healing retreat.