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Stabilization at Amend Wellness

Amend’s stabilization phase helps men and women recalibrate in the midst of a crisis.  Over the course of 7 – 14 days, individuals find safety through in-the-moment care and support at our luxury emotional healing retreat. Take the time to finally unravel years of stress, depression, and anxiety while enjoying unparalleled amenities. 

 Our counseling team delivers trauma-informed therapy, tech-based treatments, and accurate diagnostic assessments. When you leave Amend Wellness, you’ll walk out the door with a comprehensive guide to your physical, mental, spiritual, and nutritional well-being. Most of our clients choose to continue their programs by signing up for a 30- or 45-day stay.

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Emotional & Physical Regulation

The restorative atmosphere of Amend Wellness will bring you out of crisis and dysregulation and back to baseline. Ideal for those in a life transition, business owners, parents, and high-achieving professionals, this phase gives back to those who give too much or are immobilized by grief, loss or a behavioral health condition. Benefits of the stabilization phase of treatment includes:

  • Comprehensive assessments that look at mental health, nutrition, hormones and lifestyle
  • Round-the-clock clinical support
  • Management of symptoms related to  dysregulation, burnout, grief and loss, personal crises and untreated behavioral health disorders
  • Evidence-based and state of the art treatments for emotional health and wellness
  • Access to all Amend amenities, including chef prepared meals, cold plunge, pool and sauna

What To Expect

At Amend Wellness, our dedication to your experience is evident in the exceptional quality of our grounds, amenities, and services. Our retreat’s serene ambiance combines with scientifically validated therapies and whole-person healing techniques to promote rapid recovery. We strive to make our center a soft place to land for those in crisis.

When you arrive, our clinical team will assess your physical, nutritional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The information they gather will be shaped into your personalized plan of recovery that will enable you to experience a profound transformation.

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