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From Our Founder

As someone who has personally experienced the pain and challenges of overcoming emotional suffering, I recognized that traditional care models separated diagnoses into separate categories, leaving gaps in treatment. This inspired me to create Amend Wellness as a place for truly integrative, functional, and holistic healing.

At Amend Wellness, we strive to see beyond the diagnoses and intake statements, delving deep into every aspect of an individual’s life—thoughts, lifestyle, history, motivations, challenges, diet, and even sleeping patterns. This comprehensive approach ensures that we address the root causes of emotional and mental distress, rather than just scratching the surface or being too narrow in our approach.

Our goal is to guide you on a transformative journey to achieve physical wellness, inner peace, and confidence in who you are and what you need. As you leave our care, we want you to be excited about life again, filled with a sense of renewal and connection made possible through the Amend Wellness experience.

Marsha Stone, CEO and Founder
Marsha Stone, founder and CEO of Amend Wellness

A Wellness Retreat for You

We created Amend Wellness for the mother plagued by postpartum anxiety. For the executive battling burnout and chronic stress. For the wife who caught her husband cheating. For the widower whose life feels stagnant.

For you.

If you’re in crisis, Amend Wellness offers a haven for transformation. This is a place for the dysregulated person who needs the patterns they are stuck in disrupted. For the man or woman whose lifestyle is no longer serving them.

More than a wellness retreat, Amend Wellness is a mental health program for relationship problems, depression, anxiety, grief, and mental health conditions holding you back from living your best life.

Staffed by the best clinical minds our country has to offer, Amend Wellness is home to an interconnected team of holistic healers—functional medicine practitioners, psychologists, nutritionists, integrative psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and more. Your program is physician-guided and informed by industry-leading, always-accurate assessments. No matter what you’re fighting, we’re here to make sure you win.

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Our Difference

Amend Wellness is a private mental health wellness retreat offering a person-centered, fully personalized path to healing. We’re the only program of our kind offering 30–45-day stays—the necessary amount of time to correct the various imbalances that bring clients to our care. Here, you’ll be treated in complete privacy with compassion, respect, and dignity as we heal your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Ideal for someone whose symptoms or clinical presentation prevents participation in a traditional weekend retreat or a full-scale inpatient mental health program.
  • Evidence-based behavioral therapies, including neurofeedback and biofeedback, motivational interviewing, mindfulness training, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.
  • Unique stabilization protocols that immediately alleviate the uncertainty and distress of an acute personal crisis.
  • Beautiful resort location with unparalleled amenities: a pool, sauna, yurt, cold plunge pool, Tempur-Pedic beds, on-site fitness center, and IV therapy.
  • Nutrition emphasis: tailored meal plans brought to life by our private chef. All meals are prepared using certified organic or locally sourced ingredients.
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission.

Transformation is Possible for You

Amend Wellness Retreat is here for you, designed to support and guide you through life’s most challenging moments. Whether you are stuck, struggling or in crisis, our dedicated team of holistic healers will provide a personalized path to healing in a compassionate and private environment.