Our Yurt


Experience Healing in Our Yurt: A Sanctuary for Transformation

At Amend Wellness, our mission is to create an environment that supports holistic healing for mind, body, and spirit. A crucial part of our vision for personalized care is our 20ft Yurt, a unique space designed to foster connection, relaxation, and transformation.

Situated at the front of our property, adjacent to our wellness center that includes a yoga studio, sauna, and cold plunge pool, our Yurt is more than just a physical structure. It’s a sanctuary that fosters healing, providing an intimate setting for a variety of therapeutic activities.

A Refuge for Mindful Connection

Our Yurt is a versatile space, perfect for small group activities. It encourages a sense of community, inviting clients to connect with one another and share their journeys. Whether it’s participating in group therapy or taking part in a mindfulness exercise, the Yurt’s nurturing atmosphere promotes open conversation, mutual support, and collective growth.

A Retreat for Inner Stillness

The Yurt’s tranquil environment makes it ideal for meditative practices. Enclosed within its comforting walls, clients can explore the quiet depths of their consciousness, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and their emotions. Through meditation, individuals can find the mental clarity needed to navigate the path to recovery.

A Stage for Sound Healing

Incorporating the ancient practice of sound healing, our Yurt serves as a space where soothing soundscapes aid in healing. Through the resonating sounds of gongs, singing bowls, and other therapeutic instruments, clients can engage in a multisensory experience that can reduce stress, promote deep relaxation, and cultivate emotional balance.

A Personalized Therapeutic Environment

When a traditional clinical office setting doesn’t suffice, the Yurt offers a refreshing alternative for individual client sessions. Its intimate setting helps clients who might feel “stuck” in regular surroundings, promoting a sense of safety and openness that encourages progress in therapy.

At Amend Wellness, we believe in the power of the environment on healing and recovery. Our Yurt embodies this belief, providing a peaceful retreat that encourages mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. It is more than just a space—it’s a crucial component of the Amend Wellness journey. A journey where your healing is not just hoped for, but intentionally designed. The comfort and calm it offers echo our holistic, person-centered philosophy, bridging the gap between traditional therapeutic strategies and innovative healing modalities. Visit us to experience this transformative sanctuary. Begin your journey at Amend Wellness: Texas’ premier emotional health retreat center.