man using a stand up paddle board at a nature mental health retreat
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Our yurt serves as a space for community, reflection, and meditation. Here, clients emotionally regulate through sound bath therapy, mindfulness sessions, and embodying the minimalism of the space. This unique structure is a haven tucked away in a natural part of our campus where you’re guaranteed some quiet internal reflection.

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With activities ranging from campus volleyball to off-site outings, there’s no shortage of entertainment during your stay at Amend. Recreational activities include lake days, hiking trails, movies, expression through art and fun games fostering group bonding.

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The Outdoors

The natural world offers countless lessons for those recovering from burnout, anxiety, grief and related conditions. Through sun-drenched days and cool, clear nights at our emotional retreat, clients find introspection and inspiration.

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Explore complex emotions on a guided therapeutic walk or bond with fellow residents through group team building excursions. Activities vary by season but we like to get off campus, through activities like visiting points of interest, experiencing local arts and entertainment or hiking the many trails throughout the greater Austin area. Excursions allow us to see our growth and process whatever pops up while we're outside of our healing sanctuary.