Lifelong Support

man using a stand up paddle board at a nature mental health retreat

Support That Lasts a Lifetime

Amend Wellness offers assistance that continues long after our 30-day mental health retreat. To promote your continued well-being, we provide you with the option to directly access ongoing clinical services through your own dedicated wellness manager. They will contact you for follow-ups, outcomes tracking, and referrals in the weeks and months after your stay at Amend.

We take a holistic, coordinated approach to treating each person. Our compassionate team members will remain a valuable resource for you as you transition back into daily life. Alumni groups and events are open to all graduates of our residential programs. It is our hope that these gatherings will inspire you to stay in touch with both your peers and your innermost self.

group of participants in an inpatient mental health program

The Amend Family

Our clients become lifelong members of the Amend family through alumni events, incorporating the Amend way into their daily lives and having frequent touch points to remind you of all you learned here. Our alumni enjoy:

  • Access to exclusive alumni group meetings
  • Events centering around wellness and personal development
  • Outcomes tracking to measure progress after Amend
  • Referrals to local healthcare providers
  • Dedicated wellness managers
  • Guided transition from the retreat to daily responsibilities

Lifelong Benefits of Our Mental Health Retreat

True healing and transformation take time. Everything you experience at Amend Wellness is intentionally set up to help you continue on the path to authentic well-being after your stay with us. The intensive therapy and work you achieve during your residential stay is designed to sink in and integrate into your daily life outside of Amend. Your stay with us is just the beginning of a lifetime of wellness and support.

woman talking at a wellness center for mental health