Men’s Health Month

holistic men's health

Though anyone can develop physical and mental health issues like heart disease, cancer and depression, men are notorious for avoiding preventive doctor’s visits, neglecting self-care and ignoring potential symptoms of illness. Toxic masculinity, or the idea that men should never show any signs of vulnerability, is one potential contributor to these problems.

You can take a more proactive role in your well-being and reduce your risk of illness by making some simple lifestyle changes. In observation of Men’s Health Month, let’s take a closer look at holistic ways to be well.

What Is the Mind-Body Connection?

Western medicine tends to treat the mind and body as two separate entities, but we now have ample evidence disproving that notion. For example, if chronic stress weighs heavily on you, it will eventually manifest in conditions like high blood pressure or gastrointestinal issues.

Holistic wellness simultaneously addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual facets of health. This philosophy encourages people to take an active role in disease prevention by making more wellness-oriented decisions. Combining approaches like nutrition, meditation and nature therapy can help you improve your mind-body connection and provide new pathways to vitality.

Small Steps to Improve Men’s Health

At Amend Wellness, we provide a transformative experience for our clients. People come to us seeking a retreat where they can begin recovering from issues like burnout, anxiety, depression and grief. Consider how these service offerings might benefit you.

1. Vitamin Infusion Therapy

If you’re seeking relief from chronic fatigue, depression or recurring illnesses, you may benefit from IV infusion therapy, which works by introducing a high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system facilitates 100% absorption of the nutrients needed to strengthen your immune system, rehydrate your body and provide a long-lasting energy boost.

2. Technology-Based Therapies

As a leading mental health and wellness retreat, we provide access to cutting-edge complementary therapies like neurofeedback, mood and journaling apps and meditation tools.

3. Time in Nature

Amend Wellness clients have ample opportunities to connect with nature’s healing powers. Being outdoors can generate positive emotions and experiences, decreasing anxiety and depression symptoms. After spending time outside hiking, playing volleyball or enjoying the serenity found in a mindfulness session, you’ll discover a sense of inner peace and joy.

4. Spa Services

Amend’s on-site spa features a swimming pool, sauna, cold plunge pool and regular yoga sessions. Center yourself, ease tension and allow yourself the space to process the healing lessons you’ve learned in therapy sessions.

Recenter Yourself

At Amend Wellness, we offer our clients a unique opportunity to rejuvenate their physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. By restoring balance to your life, our retreat services build a foundation for improved mental and physical health.

We have received accreditation from the Joint Commission – a testament to the quality and safety of our evidence-based treatments. To learn more about our comfortable accommodations and the perks we provide, please connect with us today.